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Respite Care

Many patients experience a much better quality of life and sense of independence when assisted or cared for by their own family. If that is possible and practical, it can be a wonderful arrangement. However, providing that level of care is not like any other kind of job! Not only is it no respecter of ‘business hours’, it doesn’t allow for weekends off and holidays are right out – without assistance.

The reality is, though, that carers need a rest as much – if not more – than anyone else! They need a holiday form time to time, or even just a few days off to catch their breath. Respite care ensures that your loved one continues to receive the best possible care and support, at whatever levels they may need it, while you take as little or as much time as you need for yourself.

The exact needs vary dramatically from patient to patient, and from family to family. For some clients this is a one-off service, covering the time when they can’t be there to help someone recover form an injury or illness. For others, respite care can become a regular part of the care routine.

Respite care might take the form of a carer coming in once a week to provide full time care whilst the primary carer takes a well-deserved day off. It might take the form of a carer providing one week in three to take some of the pressure off for the primary carer over the long term.

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