Neulander actually starts to hold Leslie’s muscles just about to happen, from the shower and you will towards Jenna’s consider

Neulander actually starts to hold Leslie’s muscles just about to happen, from the shower and you will towards Jenna’s consider

It carry their mom so you’re able to a place best outside the restroom and you may Jenna claims it’s when this occurs, she takes a cord-free mobile phone regarding the woman mother’s dressing up space, and you may reconnects toward 911 agent

Fitzpatrick thinks Jenna falls the device and the phone call captures, moments later, the actual second whenever she earliest notices the woman mother: as Dr. It’s up coming she allows sagging a-cry regarding pure anguish:

“Once the humdrum as it’s to know, it is inconceivable you to definitely one to label is actually something besides a good declaration regarding shame up against the girl father,” told you Fitzpatrick.

However the safety says a similar call proves Dr. Neulander’s purity –that in case Jenna runs into the restroom, there’s absolutely no blood on the wall space yet ,. Jenna testifies she picks up the telephone by the restroom, drops they as it isn’t doing work whenever you are rushing to aid her father. Throughout the safeguards have a look at, this is where Jenna sees bloodstream towards, and you may around, the girl mother. This is when she yells, “There can be blood every-where. “

“The fresh defense’s accept that’s you to definitely this lady mother can be found, facing the woman, and you may this woman is responding to help you her mom, the blood which is on her behalf mom and maybe blood into the wall surface as well as on the floor also,” told you Stevens.

“One supporting the idea that the very first time she saw bloodstream, she is actually thinking about their mom,” Axelrod listed in order to Stevens.

New D.A beneficial, regardless if, cannot believe Jenna you will fit everything in she claims to have inked when you look at the thirteen mere seconds the brand new 911 telephone call was for the keep. Fitzpatrick used it themselves and you can claims it took your regarding 50 seconds.

There’s others element of Jenna’s testimony which are extremely important. She says to this new jury you to definitely since the lady father is actually tending to the lady mommy on the room, she saw him take off a blood-saturated shirt and you can place they to the side. Today think of, the safety recommended you to putting so it bloody shirt possess caused a number of the bloodstream splatter from the room. However the shirt is never discover.

“She would say zero,” Fitzpatrick said. “I don’t believe within her mind Jenna believes one to their father performed that it. In my opinion this woman is created a safety world inside her notice in which mommy tucked and you can decrease throughout the bath.”

“I am alarmed they are having an emotional a reaction to the latest misery for the girl. . They already know that the lady wishes them to vote not liable. And additionally they be aware that that it sixty-plus-year-old offender was impractical so you’re able to reoffend,” Fitzpatrick said. “And all of those individuals feelings can play with the hindrance away from case you to definitely to-be demonstrated beyond a reasonable question.”

The fresh new Verdict

Once seven difficult days of testimony, Section Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick treated the new jury one final time for closure objections, asking these to pay close attention to the real evidence — specifically the newest bloodstream splatter for the structure additionally the wounds in order to Leslie Neulander’s body.

“When i said several times on the demo, Leslie tend to speak to your, lady and men. You have got to pay attention to her,” the guy informed Axelrod. “And to including listen meticulously into conditions off Jenna Neulander where critical 911 phone call.”

But there’s something the latest D.An effective. couldn’t share with the latest jury: what the guy candidates is the newest motive that sent Robert Neulander for the a great murderous outrage one to day. Investigators read of a buddy of the Neulander family members one Leslie are thinking about finalizing a lease for an alternate apartment with the the afternoon she died.

“Leslie are on her behalf way to avoid it. And this refers to maybe not a guy that manage one,” Fitzpatrick informed Axelrod.

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