About Us

We are passionate about providing the high quality, reliable carers that the people of Hartlepool and the surrounding areas need to live their best, most independent lives.

Because of our commitment to our clients, we are quickly becoming the home care provider of choice in the region. People turn to us to fulfil their existing care plan because they know that we only work with carefully vetted, highly trained carers who are prepared to go the extra mile for you or your loved ones.

One of the things that sets Tibone 12 apart is the fact that we custom tailor your care package to your exact needs and lifestyle, and review those packages frequently to ensure that we’re always meeting your needs exactly – neither offering too much support or too little. We’re always happy to discuss the clients’ needs with them or with an advocate, and to bring any concerns with the care plan to the appropriate authorities.

At Tibone 12, ‘good enough’ is never good enough.

We provide  the best care and support for adults aged 18 or above, in the comfort, privacy and dignity of their own home.

Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we see the industry standards and government regulations for carers not as the measure we aim for at best but as the absolute minimums that they are meant to be. In all ways, we seek to exceed these minimum standards of acceptable care by a wide margin, providing the best possible service to each of our clients, no matter how unusual or demanding their individualised care plan might be.

Finally, we ensure that the carers we work with are not merely certified and qualified, we make sure that they are experienced professionals who have a deep personal understanding of the demands of their role, the clients’ care plan and the family’s expectations. We’ll provide you with profiles of a few carers that we feel are likely to be good fits, but you will always have the final say in selecting your carer.

Ready to discuss your or a family member’s at-home care needs? We’d be happy to speak with you, and to answer any questions you may have. Just ring us at 07501 785287.