Tibone 12 LTD –

the Home Care Specialists Hartlepool calls first

Gentle, consistent care and support for adults aged 18 or above, in the comfort, privacy and dignity of their own home.

Receiving expert care and support in the home is the ideal solution for many people in today’s society. Whether you need something as simple as help cleaning or an escort to a weekly social event or daily help preparing meals and assisting you with daily personal care tasks, Tibone 12 can give you as much – or as little – support as you need.

Why Choose Tibone 12?

Experienced Management Team

Tibone 12 is managed by a trained nurse, with years of experience in caring for people with different needs. We make sure that expertise gets used to guide newer carers, resulting in the best possible service to our clients.

Highly competent personal carers

By choosing an organisation with the reputation, community ties and commitment to quality that Tibone 12 has, you are ensuring that you or your loved ones over the age of 18 receive all the benefits of a managed care plan delivered by fully trained, highly competent and thoroughly vetted personal carers.

Vetted and certified carers

Every carer we employ not only passes a rigorous interview process and background check, they are cleared by the DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service. The DBS is a part of the Home Office whose role is to identify people who may not be fit for working with vulnerable clients due to a criminal record or any history of suspicious activity or associations.

Would you like to discuss your or a family member’s at-home care needs?

We’d be happy to speak with you, and to answer any questions you may have.

What is Home Care?

Home Care, also called ‘in-home care’, can be many different things depending on the client’s needs. It can be as little as support, reassurance and companionship; it can be something as important as making sure you take your medications, or it can be full time care for someone who could not live at home any more without qualified care. In short, home care is whatever you might need to maintain your independence and to continue living in your own home.

Of course, home care is not limited to only your home. One of the best parts of maintaining your independence is the ability to live your best life on your own terms. If you want to maintain a more active lifestyle but would feel safer or more secure doing so with a companion or helper, the home care is the perfect choice. We at Tibone 12 can even arrange short term or one-off care packages to see you through a holiday, a special event or a family visit.

What kinds of home care do we offer?

Just about any kind you might need. We can arrange a bespoke care package that suits the needs, lifestyle and ability levels of anyone aged 18 or over perfectly. We’re also happy to review it frequently to make sure it keeps fitting you perfectly. Most of our care packages involve one or more of the care types listed below.

Specific Services Tibone 12 Offers